Inbox 0?

So, I may have been a bit quiet for the past 16 hours … aside from sleep, I’ve been implementing ‘Inbox 0’ … as you can see there are still 200-odd emails to be dealt with, but I can see where those are, rather than in the previous complicated series of rules/folders – which meant […]

E-Mail free Friday anyone?

Interesting story blaming email for much stress at work – has some points, but certainly don’t agree it’s necessarily down to the email: Soul-crushing email causes stress and slows work. Oliver Double proposes some ways to cut the burden. Email-free Friday, anyone? I spend up to four hours of my working day dealing with email, […]

New Email?

I signed up with Freenetname back in the mists of time, and have stuck with it since that time. I am having a few problems, and am looking for recommendations to change: It provided a free domain name (, 100MB of storage space, and an associated POP3 email account for £20 per year, which I […]