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BOOK REVIEW: Ambient Commons

9780262018807This, from the reviewer in Times Higher Education made me laugh:

I have a confession. You know those people on footpaths who randomly slow down, stop, veer from side to side and shout into their hand for no particular reason? No, not the Friday-night revellers who have ingested three litres of Grey Goose vodka and lose their motor skills. I refer to the people who read and compose text messages while walking. I do not titter or sigh as I pass them. Instead, I slow down and mimic their John Cleese-inspired silly walk. In reaction, most swing around and shriek “wotthehellyudoin?” I merely reply, “Following your lead. I thought you were starting a trend. No one would look that silly unless it was fashionable.”

Then refers to the book:

The proliferation of platforms, formats and screens means that we now manage an array of augmentations in our lives. McCullough develops a concept to explore these alignments between technology and context, concentration and distraction, information and overload, absence and abundance. He calls it “ambient commons”, a way to align “the quickly rising flood of data” and “attention to surroundings”.

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