Social Media for Employability (@_UoW)

Social Media for Job Hunting on Prezi The University of Winchester is hosting ‘Employability Week’ this week, and right now, I’ll be presenting the above Prezi, hopefully to a keen bunch of students (you don’t get too far in social media without being keen/enthusiastic), covering some of the ways that I’ve used social media to […]

Britain needs Talentopolis says @timeshighered

With an increasingly challenging economic landscape ahead, the role of universities in creating hubs of enterprise and employment in their areas is now more important than ever. In the US, universities are referred to as “anchor institutions” because they are local assets that are unlikely to move in tough and changing economic times. Anchor institutions […]

Embrace this high level of industry engagement – it can benefit us all

The influence of industry on the curriculum has never been greater, says Frazer Mackenzie, but it is far more positive than simply creating a workforce There has been a relentless drive from the Government, quality assurance agencies and others to place “employability” at the centre of the university curriculum. As public funding continues to be […]

Pat Cryer – PhD Skills

Postgraduates do not realise how employable they are. Pat Cryer explains how to get well paid job. “Students often give up when they realise how few jobs there are in their specialism. Believing they have nothing else to offer they end up jobless.” The long haul is over and the prospect of lucrative job offers […]

Higher Ambitions: The Future of Universities in a Knowledge Economy

e-learning 33 The continuing development of e-learning is a vital element in supporting improvement of teaching and the student experience and in enabling the personalisation and flexibility that students and employers expect. We will empower our universities to be world leaders in the growing market in transnational education based on e-learning. 34 Whilst the performance […]