[ACADEMIC] Workshop 3 with #ERA1819 with @NCCPE #PublicEngagement

I’m about to ‘crash out’ after the final 2 days of the National Co-Ordinating Centre for Public Engagement first course for academic researchers, to encourage us to think about how we can embed public engagement in our work (not just as a ‘nice thing to do’ at the end of research’, but fully drawing in […]

[ACADEMIC] Public Engagement. Workshop 2/3: Community Engagement #ERA1819 with@NCCPE

I am just returning from the second out of three courses on the NCCPE Engage Researchers’ Academy, where academics with a desire to do public engagement well, and share those insights with their colleagues, met together in Bristol for 2 days. We were focusing particularly this session on community engagement, ethical issues, and measuring impact. […]

[ACADEMIC] Engage Researchers’ Academy 2018-19: Session 1 #ERA1819

In March, I heard that I would be attending the Engage Researchers’ Academy¬†for this coming academic year. It’s: a year long professional development programme for researchers with a passion for public engagement.¬†The programme creates a challenging but supportive environment for delegates to reflect upon what it means to be an engaged researcher, and to explore […]