[RESEARCH FUNDING] ESRC Festival of Social Science #ESRCFestival

Dr Bex Lewis and Sarah Penney have been awarded funding for the ESRC Festival of Social Science (November 2017) for the following event, drawing upon Bex’s original PhD research into British Second World War propaganda posters, and Sarah’s current PhD research on nostalgic marketing.

Keep Calm and Stay Nostalgic: why wartime propaganda posters continue to be relevant today?

To raise awareness with young school students about the importance of social sciences and how we as humans interact with the world around us, and create collective behaviours. The themes of the sessions will include: identity, consumer behaviour, nostalgia, memory, propaganda, mass communication and influence.

The event will commence with a lecture/assembly with Dr Bex Lewis and Sarah Penney, presenting their specialist PhD research on wartime propaganda and nostalgic marketing to secondary school students, subjects which they are passionate about sharing with others. The Second World War remains an important part of British identity, and is a recognised study area for secondary education. The event will continue with a hands-on task for pupils to engage with the social science theories presented, drawing upon a resource pack. This interactive session would offer new insights for teachers and students into social science perspectives engaging with up to date research. This will encourage them to think about important moments of their childhood, and the formation of their individual and collective identities.

*See related publication.