[CONFERENCE] #DigitalRevolution in Manchester

I was invited to speak on a panel entitled ‘Technology, Ethics and Regulation’ at the end of Manchester’s second ‘Digital Revolution‘ conference, hosted by Manchester Digital. The blurb was as follows: Technology is no longer the limiting factor for the advancement of society but how we implement it, how it changes society and in some […]

BBC Radio 4: Digital Human (Series 6:2014: Episode 6: Ethics) #DigiHuman

6/6: Ethics http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04p7yg3 If a driverless car has to choose between crashing you into a school bus or a wall who do you want to be programming that decision? Aleks Krotoski explores ethics in technology. Join Aleks as she finds out if it’s even possible for a device to ‘behave’ in a morally prescribed way […]

Should McCann Twitter abuser have been doorstepped on TV? for @ConversationUK

A recent piece, published for The Conversation UK, under Creative Commons licence (republished on Durham University): Should McCann Twitter abuser have been doorstepped on TV? By Bex Lewis, Durham University Brenda Leyland, a 63-year old woman from Leicestershire who had been accused of publishing a stream of internet abuse about the family of missing child […]