[MEDIA] Talking about Social Media Etiquette, etc with @BBC5Live

Yesterday evening I spoke to Adrian Goldberg about a variety of social media stories on BBC 5 Live (and was listening just before I went on, when they had a story about teenagers/social media which I’d like to relisten to – sounded like whoever it was was making a whole load of sense): Story 1: […]

Negativity Online?

Interesting piece on negative comments in a comments thread (building upon discussions of trolling, etc.) – built upon the ‘broken windows’ theory – that one broken window/poor comment has the potential to bring the whole ‘area’ down… Comment threads on web publications, especially when related to contentious stories, can become similarly heated, but the impact […]

Chatting at the Checkout? Rude?

In yesterday’s newspaper, a checkout operative at Sainsbury’s refused to serve a customer unless she finished her mobile phone call first. The customer said: I was dumbfounded at the time so just hung up. I don’t know what she was playing at. I couldn’t believe how rude she was. But the majority of those online […]