Learning Journeys: A Webinar (@JISC)

Outcomes from JISC Anytime Learning Literacies Environment (ALLE) project View more presentations from jisc-elearning What follows are my rough notes from the session: ‘A cast of thousands’ Explaining concepts – having them in one place… all digital literacies across the institution tied in with Learning Objects. Thought others would like this, so used materials from […]

Digital Visitors & Residents with @daveowhite #JISC

My live notes from the webinar this afternoon: http://tallblog.conted.ox.ac.uk/index.php/2009/10/14/visitors-residents-the-video/ http://firstmonday.org/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/3171/3049 Dave White Visitor = sees the web as a set of tools Residents = sees the web as a space It’s about motivation to engage, rather than a skills set, e.g. when people want to talk to their grandchildren, they use Skype very quickly. Can […]

Turn it on to turn them off or turn it off to keep their attention (@adamrsc) #JISC

I have just participated in this very useful webinar on the use of mobile technology in the classroom with @adamrsc, and am even more keen to interview American Studies at the University of Winchester as they have been experimenting with encouraging the use of mobile devices in the classroom, and the feedback is generally positive. […]

What are you saying? #JISCEL11

Below is a repost of a guest blog post that I did for ‘Letters from the Edge’ for the JISC Online Conference: A theme that has already emerged in at the conference is one of the importance of the language that we’re using. The following themes have already appeared either in the chat themes, or […]

Ewan McIntosh #jiscel11

Live notes from the session (italics my thoughts, rest my notes):  The danger of so much jargon in the world. I end up in 2 minds about this – sometimes it’s a shorthand that works for the community, but sometimes it excludes people. Simon Cowell – how do we define his success – the amount […]