Remarkable Priest Heads For Durham

Press Release from Durham Diocese Durham Cathedral is offering a rare opportunity to hear and meet a priest who survived a letter bomb attack and subsequently launched a project for healing and reconciliation. Fr Michael Lapsley’s story began in 1990 when the anti-apartheid activist from South Africa opened a letter bomb. He survived, but lost […]

Digital Literacies Baselining for ODHE (with @JISC)

For the last 24 hours I’ve been in a hotel in the Lake District, working with the Organisational Development in Higher Education Group. We (The University of Winchester/ODHE) have been awarded £10,000 to contribute to a large ‘Developing Digital Literacies‘ programme, for which baselining was required to be complete by 31st January – and I […]

Ionic, isn’t it? @timeshighered

What a brilliant idea …: Academics from physicists to experts on Scandinavian culture are crafting stand-up comedy routines based on their work. But this is no joke. Matthew Reisz finds that a crowd’s laughter is not the only payoff Here’s an idea of the content: The nominal theme, tying in with a major exhibition, Power of […]

Recent Find : Keep Calm

Keep Calm and Carry On: You Money is Safe Under the Mattress, via Something for the Weekend.