I created my first website in 1997, which was a mix of a personal homesite and information from the PhD that I’d then started, moved on to learn Dreamweaver in 2001, then started using WordPress in 2009. Tools aside, the most important element of site development is a focus upon the audience of a site, taking time to design a workable structure, and creating strong content.  I was an early adopter of social media , in which I am deeply embedded, and continue to develop my expertise.

Below is a list of sites I have worked on, with more recent iterations at the top – some are links, others give background information. As a historian, I love to see the old designs, and how things have changed!




From 2011 onwards, I continued with a number of the sites listed below, and moved more towards speaking, writing and workshops



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Each site requires planning, including audience definition, development of ‘calls-to-actions’, issues of copyright, privacy and legal images.