[SPEAKER] Experimenting with #OpinionMinute on Tik-Tok

I’ve been playing around on Tik-Tok a bit this week, been thinking about this for months… As an academic, we’re encouraged to prepare, and think, and prepare some more, before committing to speaking/writing. Even my media work, which can be relatively ‘off the hoof’, I’ve got a good idea of the story, and have done […]

Pokémon Go: An evil for churches and dangerous for children?

This time last week, Pokémon was entirely not on my radar (too old to have got involved first time around), then gradually material started filtering through on my social media feeds as people around the world were playing it – and I Googled to find out ‘what is it?‘ It is a massively multiplayer mobile game that […]


Finally, necessity has forced me to get to grips with iMovie, and this video gave me enough tips to get going on the editing… I’m currently trying to export the video, so let’s see if it becomes viewable…

Zombie Apocalypse Using Google StreetView

I survived from 1min29 – how long can you last, negotiating your way around the streets near you using Google Streetview! An interesting use for Streetview… what might you use it for? And want to have a go yourself? Found out about this from @sharecreative.  

I tried…

Comedic commentary on ‘the YouTube generation’ … “I’m Twitter famous” What does that mean? “I’m not really famous” So, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc can help us do many things… but not everything… and Daniel Radcliffe is quite amusing too! Try, but know your limits, not… “I tried, and therefore no one can criticise me.”