Ginger Biscuits

It’s been a while since I’ve done any baking (as opposed to cooking), so today I felt like making some ginger biscuits – which I haven’t made since school (reminded by @ClaireMaxim1 tweet about rock cakes – something I also used to make as a child)! The instructions from my mum (who’d forgotten about these) were: […]

Theory of Change

“The 1st thing to remember is that the only person who loves change is a baby with a wet nappy.” #change What is a theory of change? p41-42 of Organization Development: A Practitioner’s Guide for OD and HR gives 5 possible theories, and how it might affect your Organisational Development strategies (this is an OD bid!): […]

40 minutes to a loaf of bread!

I have just eaten a couple of slices from this loaf (well, I did a bit of other blogging after), and am resisting have too much more :-). At 5.45pm I hadn’t even started making it…  It wouldn’t be much good as a sandwich loaf as it didn’t quite stay whole (but maybe that’s because […]

I just participated in the #kjv400 flashmob with @YouVersion.

Part of the #KJV400 flashmob, (see also Facebook) apparently the Bible was read 8 times in 6 minutes, around the world…. (now check out some more at bigbible)! Exodus 30 on YouVersion (in KJV translation, thank goodness for the more modern translations!) Where?: