This story just caught my eye… There’s a little, grassroots hashtag going around Twitter this morning called #lovemonday and it deserves your attention (even if you have never tweeted in your life). For those of you in the know, it is a bit like #followfriday but instead of suggesting people others should follow (which is also […]

Forethought for Tuesday in Holy Week #EasterLive

Thought 1: What to talk about today? So, it’s Tuesday, what does that mean? Not knowing the Easter timeline all that well, I was very pleased to spot this Holy Week Timeline via someone’s Twitter account, and blogged about it earlier today on BigBible. According to the timeline above, we’re onto the withered fig tree, […]

5 thoughts for Holy Monday #EasterLive

OK, so today on #EasterLive, and in church last night, the focus is on Jesus clearing the Temple. Thought 1 Our readings last night were: Jeremiah 7; http://plixi.com/p/93388465 and Matthew 21 http://plixi.com/p/93388772, and the sermon was a great mix of theological reflection (the Jews expected this great King, then he reprimanded them), and practical application (do what […]

6 thoughts for Palm Sunday #EasterLive

Have you heard of EasterLive yet? If not, check it out, and see the stories that people are posting on the #EasterLive hashtag on Twitter (if you’re not sure how to use Twitter, there’s a great guide here), and last year’s story is being retold on Facebook. It’s Passover week in 1st Century Jerusalem. A […]