T-Mobile Welcome back (thanks @simonjenks)

What a lovely video… almost makes me want to go back to T-Mobile (still have 6 months on contract!) And wow… look how much effort it is to arrange a real flashmob!!

Slow Cooking

On my to-do list for this year was to try and cook more of my own food (especially that which is then freezable). I’ve never been a fan of ready meals, and especially after having a couple this weekend (I was tired & they were in the reduced section.. Taste the Difference Steak & Ale […]

WTF (Church – wrong or right?)

This picture has been doing the rounds as a sign of a church not being aware of ‘culture’ – however, looking at their Facebook page, I think they are only too aware of what WTF means: “A Wake advertisement hangs outside the north side of the SUB on Thursday. The First Family Church sponsors Wake, […]

Clothes-Swap Party

Yesterday, I went to a clothes swap party, and despite expecting to come away with nothing (well, since my chest infection, I’ve put on a lot of weight 🙁 but it’s steadied now – just waiting to go the other way), but I came away with the following: It was a really enjoyable evening – […]

London Fringe Festival Short Fiction Awards

Even though the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the big thing that the moment, London’s Fringe Festival continues throughout the year. I was invited to come hear Charly’s short-story which had been short-listed. I don’t leave work til 7, when the event started, and unfortunately they went in alphabetical order, so I missed, but still, I […]