Stop saying technology is causing social isolation

Love this article that came through my feed this morning – see this early extract: People like to criticize current society. Not necessarily the current society relative to us, but the contemporary society of the time they live in. It’s just so cool to romanticize the past even if it makes us feel bad about […]

Checking out new MA from @LSTheology #digitalstudent

So there’s a new MA on the block from London School of Theology. It’s advertised as Beyond applied theology – the MA in Integrative Theology (MAiTh) can either be accessed and completed online worldwide or studied full or part-time on campus in London – what ever suits your lifestyle or needs better. As I was looking at this, […]

Jisc encourages recognition of technology in face-to-face learning time

Jisc welcomes the 2013 Student Academic Experience survey from Which? and the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) and the information it provides about the range of student learning experiences in universities and colleges. However, with its focus on ‘face-to-face contact hours’, the report may be missing the many ways in which institutions and academics are using technology […]

Faculty of Education, Health and Social Care Presentation

Blended learning for education event april 2010 View more presentations from Bex Lewis. A presentation that I gave at the Faculty of Education, Health and Social Care at the University of Winchester this morning, followed by a presentation on Wimba with Prof Neil Marriott and Dr Audrey Chamberlain – got some good discussions going, and […]