Richard Curtis: Keep Trying

Really interesting article in i paper tonight, from Richard Curtis, talking about some of the things he’s tried for Comic/Sport Relief, which haven’t necessarily worked, but the value in trying:

Fundraising in schools has always been absolutely key to our success – and, one year, we came up with the cracking idea of writing a little play that every school in the country could perform on Red Nose Day. Fresh off the back of writing Four Weddings and a Funeral, I was pretty sure I was the man for the job.

I wrote a 15-minute epic, in which children had to dress as various vegetables – and there was a very good moral at the end about social justice and parsnips or something. Throbbing with expectation and the excitement of creating a dramatic phenomenon, we sent out 22,000 copies of the play to the UK’s schools.

Final research revealed that, in the end, eight schools performed it. We never found out the total money raised. But it wasn’t a lot. Something in the region of £50. Or a bit less.

Read full story.

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Bit of a #fail by the Co-Op Bank

I was interested in this offer from the Co-Op bank, but what with being on holiday/not feeling amazingly well, I kept forgetting, so I went onto the website today (14th January 2011!), and as you can see from the screenshot above, the offer of a year’s free fees is still available (I pay fees with Barclays, who still keep my big student overdraft open, but I would like to be with a bank known for its ethical stance!). I think, oh dear, guess I have to do that by tomorrow… click on it, and the following options come up:


So, not only has the offer closed early, the front page advertising is still up! Not great planning by the Co-Op!


The iPhone, the iPhone, My Kingdom for an iPhone

The iPhone

What’s this, you say? I thought you owned an iPhone, spent far too much time on it, and used it as a tool to draw together many parts of your life in one small, neat packet!

‘Tis True
I still own said iPhone, but when one tries to turn it on, one receives an image like this, which is not healthy, and renders such a touch-screen phone rather useless! Believe me, I’ve not fallen out of love with my iPhone, but missing it rather as I’d be missing an arm – every time someone asks if they can set up a meeting – “I’ll just check… oh sorry, you’ll have to wait til I get home and check my Outlook calendar”…

How did this happen?
I had a lovely weekend, meeting up with friends from the Summer trip to the Loire Valley, and then going on to a wedding in Essex. I had been waxing lyrical to the friend I had collected from the train station about the fact that I now had SatNav (CoPilot, £26) on my phone (but don’t forget that you’ll need to buy a cradle! On reaching Winchester around midnight, I was extracting the phone from the cradle (a little stiff!), and, acting rather like a bar of soap, the phone bounced out of my hands and down the road. It clearly didn’t like this and hasn’t worked since – although it did sync with my laptop, and whilst still containing battery, continued to buzz regularly – indicating that I’ve been receiving phone calls/texts, but not much I can do about those!

Is all lost?
For once, I have non-essential insurance for something – with Barclays Graduate account. Unfortunately their online claim system didn’t work, so I had to phone (and yes, this was my only phone, but I have Skype too!) , and now await a claim form in the post (so strikers, sort it out!), which I send back, claim is assessed, then they decide whether to replace or repair! Expected time 2-3 weeks (so hopefully a friend will lend me a handset – I’m a bit lost without anything, although I accept no data use!)… Sigh!


Twitter: Frozen in Time

twitter timeline

Many user’s timelines haven’t updated in nearly an hour, and on my account, all of my followers and people I’m following are missing. Yikes!

Somewhat ironically, TwitterTwitter search still appears to be working in near real-time, so you can see other users complaining about their timelines not updating.”

Read more: from @mashable, and see the huge number of comments and retweets – so much so that ‘Twitter is Frozen’ is a trending topic, although no one can see the Tweets – and of course most of the associated applications aren’t doing too well at the moment either!

Interestingly, there’s no failwhale showing, and it takes some time to realise something is wrong. I wondered if something was, then saw a Facebook message from @JasonPollock then checked (I was too busy cooking dinner to notice)… Tweets can still be searched, but some are resorting to Friendfeed!

Twitter are working on it!



Tagged screenshot“ is a premier social-networking destination with 70+ million registered users and over 2.5 billion page-views per month.

Tagged helps people keep in touch with their friends and make new ones. We provide a fun media experience featuring expressive custom profiles, fluid widget embedding, integrated video, chat, and much more.”

My Experience: Mostly get lots of random man contacting me!