Twitter: Frozen in Time

twitter timeline

Many user’s timelines haven’t updated in nearly an hour, and on my account, all of my followers and people I’m following are missing. Yikes!

Somewhat ironically, TwitterTwitter search still appears to be working in near real-time, so you can see other users complaining about their timelines not updating.”

Read more: from @mashable, and see the huge number of comments and retweets – so much so that ‘Twitter is Frozen’ is a trending topic, although no one can see the Tweets – and of course most of the associated applications aren’t doing too well at the moment either!

Interestingly, there’s no failwhale showing, and it takes some time to realise something is wrong. I wondered if something was, then saw a Facebook message from @JasonPollock then checked (I was too busy cooking dinner to notice)… Tweets can still be searched, but some are resorting to Friendfeed!

Twitter are working on it!