[ARTICLE] Digital fear still here? Steering a positive future

A short piece I was asked to write for 21stcentury.co.uk starts: Dr Bex Lewis investigates digital fear, presenting a balanced view of the risks against the benefits: Fears about ‘the digital’ are widespread, particularly around questions of privacy, addiction, bullying, loss of social skills, peer pressure, and the loss of time with ‘real people’. With every […]

What is ‘Intellectual Cowardice’?

Always interesting to read from those who are public about their ‘fears’ – once fears have been named, they can be faced, right? Anxiety about being a fraud does seem to be an occupational hazard in academia. Ruth Barcan has written in these pages about the reasons for its prevalence – the increasing demands and complexities of […]

#AdventBookClub: Day 29: Fear Not

Some thoughts from Maggi Dawn today … the phrase ‘Fear Not’ appears 366 times in the Bible – one for every day of the longest year. We cannot look in the face of God but we can look into the face of Jesus Truly great people rise above the need to impress others with how […]

The need for Universities to engage (properly) with social media

A great story in the pull out on the World University Rankings in Times Higher Education, encouraging universities to move properly into the digital age. The increased importance of brands has been paralleled by rapid growth in the channels of information that shape reputation and transmit brands. Social media outlets have proliferated, diversifying the ways […]