Customer Feedback

Feedback Word Computer Keyboard Key OpinionI gain the majority of work through positive feedback from my clients, who recommend me to their friends and colleagues:

Diocesan Workshops

We had a great session about Social Media Strategy. Bex made everything easy to understand with clear direction on social media ‘dos and don’ts’.  It was fun and informative and we all took a lot away from it. We had positive feedback from everyone who attended, and all are now busy tweeting away and working towards getting the best from their facebook accounts!

Emma Craig, Norwich Diocese (October 2013)

Church of England Workshops

Just to say thank you for the “social media for the scared” yesterday. It was really inspiring. I came home and signed up for Facebook, I am now lurking on Twitter and have been having fun with Prezi… next week the blog!

The Rev’d Mandy Ford, March 2012
Vicar, Christ the King, Beaumont Leys; Priest in Charge, St Luke’s, Stocking Farm; Area Dean, City of Leicester; Chair of the House of Clergy, Diocese of Leicester

University of Winchester Workshops

I’ve been to two of Bex’s sessions (the ones on the use of Facebook and Twitter for academic purposes), and they have inspired me to experiment with social media in communicating with trainees and supporting them. I found the sessions informative, accessible and directly relevant to my needs. Bex was flexible to the needs of the group members, and adapted the material to our particular teaching contexts. Outside the sessions, Bex has been available to answer questions by email, and I have found the on-line resources a good source of follow-up, which I have gone back to many times(!) in setting up my own resources. I’m already signed up for a session on Survey Monkey!

Dr Samantha Scallan, March 2012
Wessex Primary Care Education Research Lead at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust
Honorary Fellow at the University of Winchester, Associate Tutor to the medical educator Masters programme and PhD supervisor.

Workshop, Federation of Image Consultants

A range of feedback from all delegates, including “You have given me inspiration and confidence to finally embrace social media and that wasn’t something I thought I’d be saying any time soon!”

FIPI, March 2012

CODEC, University of Durham

Bex took the seed of an idea – BigRead2010 – and expanded it into a successful, snazzy website which looks good and attracted lots of people.  Her work is reliable and she integrates lots of other people very well.  She works with passion and professionalism.  Bex is a social media whizz.  She knows her stuff and puts it into practice on her sites. Great work!

Pete Phillips, April 2011
Director, Centre for Biblical Literacy and Communication

Syzygy Missions

Bex was a great example of good project management – taking an incoherent brief and shaping it into a proposal, liaising effectively with all interests to deliver a quality result and then training us in the ongoing administration of our website. This really kick-started our social media presence.

Tim Herbert, December 2010
Director, Syzygy Missions

University of Winchester: Learning and Teaching Development Unit

The learning pages on the Portal are looking like a breath of fresh air has been blown into them and the feedback so far has been very positive both in terms of functionality and looks. We (in the Learning and Teaching Development Unit) are very pleased with its new look and intuitive layout.
Yaz El-Hakim, March 2009
Director of Teaching and Learning, University of Winchester

University of Winchester: Usable and Effective Web Design

“Dr Bex Lewis was the designer and implementer of a pioneering website at the university which aimed to support lecturers in teaching about web design. This was at a time when web sites were put together hurriedly with many basic mistakes. That website is still available and and stands up remarkably well, giving sound advice. Would that more web designers would take the time to look at it”
David Rush, 2009
Business IT, University of Winchester

Centre for Conspiracy Culture

Dr Bex Lewis has excellent skills as a web designer. She took a tired and worn out website which I had established years back and she refreshed it, not just in design, but by successfully adding to its content, something which I think comes naturally from her strong academic background and awareness of quality sources of information. I really recommend her to anyone seeking the same.
Alasdair Spark, 2007
American Studies, University of Winchester

University of Winchester: Law

What impressed me most about Bex’s work was her ability to take a brief from a total web site novice and make sense of it and produce in a rapid time a site that more than met my expectations. Very well laid out with imiginative links from what have been an unpromising brief!”
David Chalk, 2007
Head of Law, University of Winchester


#ODHEG End of Project Video (#JISCDigLit)

Rather than a written report (although there will also be a written report), we created a video, drawing on feedback from a range of people from the ODHE group, and what they had learnt from their time with the JISC-funded project.


Face-to-Face Feedback Required?

1028616_arrow_rgb_1Can the way that we mark, and return feedback make a difference?

Instead of simply returning marked scripts to students, academics at Edinburgh Napier University invited first-year biomedical sciences students to sit with them while they assessed their work. With students in the room, tutors were able to explain more easily why they were awarding marks and which areas needed improvement, said Charlotte Chalmers, lecturer in biomedical science, who led the pilot study.

The 45 students who took part in the study last year achieved better-than-expected marks in their first-year examinations and higher grades than the rest of the 200-strong cohort who did not participate, Dr Chalmers said.

Read full article.

Digital Event

Feedback from #Fipi Training

I ran a workshop for the Federation of Image Professionals on Thursday, which was a really enjoyable day, with 7 super-engaged delegates:

Image tweeted from @findmystyle, and note the new hashtag #fipi in use

I collected a range of feedback via AudioBoo:

There was also encouraging feedback via other means:

Alison set up a Twitter account, and sent her first tweet to me:

Hannah, the following day, changed her photo/bio significantly, and wrote a new blog post (whilst thinking through her strategy for future posts).

Carol Collins: I can echo Alison’s comment Bex, it was a very enlightening and informative day, many many thanks to you.

Lynne Nicoll: Thank you for a super day. I am full with social modalities.

Jacky Williams: Many thanks for sending through these links and also for a a fabulous day.  I loved it.

Lorraine Iles: Thanks Bex – looking forward to giving it a go – onwards and upwards!!!

Jill Leggitt: Thanks for all your exciting files/links and for an information packed day – time just flew by.  I have to admit to previously rather hoping that Facebook and Twitter etc would just be passing fads (in case you hadn’t guessed!) but I do see now that what I thought was frivolous has in fact a lot more substance.  You have given me inspiration and confidence to finally embrace social media and that wasn’t something I thought I’d be saying any time soon!

You’ll be pleased to see I took my own advice about getting testimonials from people – and I have something here from everyone. It’s these kind of sessions which make the hours of learning worthwhile!


Should Universities be learning from Supermarkets?

Universities are encouraged to learn from Supermarket consumer-led strategies:

He recommended that institutions should embrace social media as a feedback tool and to enable “two-way communication” with students because traditional methods of complaining were out of date.

“If I am unhappy about something, I don’t write a nice letter and wait for a reply. I start broadcasting to my 8,500 followers. Everyone is their own broadcaster, with their own listeners,” he said.

Meanwhile, Peter Slee, deputy vice-chancellor of the University of Huddersfield, told the conference in London that joining a gym was a good analogy when discussing student-institution relations.

Although gyms – and universities – could provide classes, facilities, staff and guidance at a certain cost, success and happiness with the price paid were ultimately down to the commitment of an individual, Professor Slee said.

“You get out of a service what you put into it. Motivation and commitment to study is the biggest factor in whether students are happy.”

Read full story. I’m wary about the idea of universities being ‘consumerised’, but I definitely think we should be listening to the students, and helping the students understand that they have a responsibility to put the effort in.