Great Video from @RealDMitchell Re: University Purpose

Think this is well put, about the need for University to be about more than being a cog in the working line: If you’re going, and worrying about the fees – check out Martin Lewis’s guidance. H/T to @sallyhitchener for sharing.

Students Demand Wired Campus

Increased fees = increased demands: About 1,000 existing and prospective students and some 50 lecturers were canvassed for the┬áDigital Campus┬áreport. More than half the students (58 per cent) say having access to computers and the latest software is one of the most important factors when choosing an institution – more so than having well-qualified and […]

Fees & Tech: USA?

It appears that a combination of new technologies, and fee rises in the UK are encouraging more to look to the States: Professor McAuliffe said that once this was taken into account, students might actually be charged “a good deal less” in the US. She added that the admissions process was also changing with the […]