Checking out the @ffhelper

Now, this is an interesting tool that’s just been brought to my attention. I’m a bit lazy with ‘Follow Friday’, I quite often forget that it’s Friday, and I refuse to do it without a good reason (plus I worry a bit about leaving someone out :-!). However, I was ‘#ff’ today, and linked was #ffhelper, so I thought I’d have to look, and quite a helpful tool. It doesn’t autotweet everyone with random reasoning (which is what I was a bit worried about), but gives a list of those who you have interacted with most in the past week, and gives you the option to see what tweets those have been, and then you can decide if you want to recommend someone and how!

I’ve always been anti those tweets which are just a list of #ff (although I’ve been known to RT those in which I’ve been #ff’d!), so a great opportunity to see why you might be thinking of #ff someone, although of course there’s nothing to stop you ‘Follow Fridaying’ someone else! So here, above/below, you can see the top 5 out of the 74 people that I’ve interacted with this week!

Worth a go I think – see, e.g.: