[FILM] Highrise

This film from Canada looks interesting: Universe Within reveals the hidden digital lives of highrise residents around the world. Trapped in our highrise units, how do we find love, hate, peace, god or community online? Visit Site… might fit well with this event from LST Faith in the Future. 

BOOK REVIEW: Hollywood & Hitler 1933-1939

Looks interesting: Right up to, and even for a while after, the outbreak of war in Europe in 1939, the predominant attitude in Hollywood towards fascism was classic three-wise-monkeys strategy – pretend it’s not there and perhaps it’ll go away. Partly this was due to the belief that movie-going audiences would be turned off by […]

The Hunger Games: Special Features

So, I’ve just got around to watching The Hunger Games for a second time, and it’s still an incredibly made story/film (and further away from reading the book, I’m not noticing “what’s missing” and taking it on its own terms). Just a few thoughts from watching the special features elements on the DVD, of which […]

The Hunger Games: No 1 Book; Album; Film!

2 weeks ago I’d not even heard of The Hunger Games, I have now read all 3 books (on Kindle), and watched the film (not bought the album though!)… and thoroughly enjoyed all of them:

Cinema: Hugo

This evening I’ve been to see Hugo – an interesting film, and a lot was explained once I saw that Johnny Depp was behind the film!  You can see the trailer here: Read more about the film on IMDB, and read more about the story of Georges Méliès, the inspiration for the film, and see one of […]