Harrods Sale: Great Video

Well, this cheered me up – but I want to know what the tune is! Thanks Suzi for spotting and sharing on Facebook!

Flashmob @officiallove146

We all know about flashmobs, right (which probably makes it easier to organise one… as people will stop and look!), and this one happened earlier this week. It’s interesting, as most of us will have missed the actual event in Trafalgar Square, but social media allows it to ‘go viral’. 10 minutes is still long […]

I just participated in the #kjv400 flashmob with @YouVersion.

Part of the #KJV400 flashmob, (see also Facebook) apparently the Bible was read 8 times in 6 minutes, around the world…. (now check out some more at bigbible)! Exodus 30 on YouVersion (in KJV translation, thank goodness for the more modern translations!) Where?:

Doh, a Dear…

Thanks Pennie Ley for the reminder of this video – seen it before – can’t help but smile when you watch it!  Reminds me of the Winchester Flashmob.