How To… #iPhone Folders

I still have several months to run on my contract for my iPhone (3GS 32GB), so an iPhone 4 is definitely out of the question at the moment, and probably have to wait for iPhone 5! The only things I crave on the iPhone 4 are the improved battery life (although not the weight that comes with it) and the flash on the camera… Otherwise, I’ve updated to OS 4.0 on my phone, so I’m sure it gives me whatever the extra functionality is… although unfortunately the phone seems (unsurprisingly) much slower and the battery life is just killing… although that may be more down to the experiments with geolocation software – notoriously hard on battery life!

Apps Folders

With OS 4.0 comes the option to place apps in folders… which sounds like a great idea… so long as you can remember which folder you put them in… Folders can be named whatever you want, and you work with whatever system works for you!

iPhone Folders

  • Hold down on an app/folder until the cross appears in the left-hand corner (see right)
  • Drag & Drop on top of another app which you wish to put into the same folder
  • Name the folder appropriately.
  • Continue

Now, I have huge problems getting my apps (all 9 pages of them) to move across the screen boundaries on my phone, so Tweeted out, and got lots of helpful advice that it was also possible to do this, much faster, in iTunes

iTunes Folders

  • Ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes available.
  • Attach iPhone to computer, allow it to Sync
  • Click on ‘Devices’
  • Look for the tab ‘Apps’, and a screen similar to the following will appear:
  • Drag & Drop apps from the main screen into the numbered screens.
  • Click on the numbered screen to ensure that it appears as the main screen
  • Drag & drop within the screen to in the folders. Appears to be a limit of 9 apps in each folder… (so I have ‘Games 2’)… actually, that’s not true – just got 10 in one!
  • Press ‘Apply’ otherwise before syncing, otherwise your phone settings will overset it (found that out the hard way!)

Maybe I’ll be back with another screenshot when I’m done… fortunately I had only moved about 20 apps when I lost what I’d done!!!!