[KEEP CALM] The font is Caslon Egyptian, not Gill Sans?

Interesting blog post focusing upon the font used in the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster – claims it’s ‘Caslon Egyptian’, not ‘Gill Sans’ (which I may have described it as – but then I’m a historian, not a design historian):

Firstly, 1940s time traveller, don’t panic (my advice would be to keep calm and carry on). You should fit in to present-day Britain: Europe seems to be in disarray, Britain is being ruled by a coalition government, and the Daily Mail is still trying to pretend it was never sympathetic towards fascism. Secondly, the good news is that the 1940s Britain you’ve just left was never invaded by Germany. And so you have never had cause to see posters bearing the message ‘KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON’, as, after they were designed in 1939, they were never used.

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I just checked my book: