Talking #Fortnite and other Games with @GeekDadGamer on @PremierRadio

Yesterday, Premier asked if I would speak on the popular game Fortnite, especially in the light of the NSPCC concerns about ‘inappropriate contact’, and Matt Hancock’s comments about its addictiveness. Business Insider gives a useful overview of why the game is so popular, and BusinessCloud talks to a games developer who stresses ‘personal discipline’. I knew I could speak on this, but know that Andy Robertson could speak on it even better as this is his specialism! My book Raising Children in a Digital Age provides a lot about wider culture, but it’s quite light on gaming!  Here you can hear what Andy had to say on the Premier Newshour:

If you want a little something more to read, and some more of Andy’s advice, he’s written this great guide on AskAboutGames:

And as a record for myself/Facebook friends: Facebook chat on the topic.