Frank H. Mason (b. 1876; d.1965)

Born in Durham in Yorkshire, Frank Mason began his career at sea, educated as a cadet on HMS Conway. Having served in the Royal Navy in the First World War, Mason became a war artist, with several such images held at the IWM. Between the wars he became a full-time artist, working as an illustrator, a poster artist for railway companies, and supplying posters and postcards for shipping companies. From 1900 onwards he exhibited at the RA, and was awarded RI in 1929. Mason illustrated the book North Sea Fishers and Fighters in 1911, and was a ‘significant artist of marine and coastal scenes, as well as an illustrator of shipping books’. Rare LNER etchings by Frank Mason from the 1930s were discovered in 2002. In the Second World War he was personally commissioned to do work for the MOI by Edwin Embleton.

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