Freedom is in Peril T-Shirt

The Last Night of the Proms in Hyde Park in London seemed a good place to wear a bit of a statement t-shirt, and thanks to Freedom is in Peril for sending me this t-shirt! Unfortunately, it does make people stare at your chest, but great slogans on t-shirts can get some great conversations going! […]

Quoted in the Independent

Extract from John Rentoul Blog: According to a remarkable PhD thesis by Rebecca Lewis: ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ was printed and held in reserve for when the necessity arose, for example, a severe air-raid, although it was never actually displayed. Lewis does not say why it was held back. It may be that the […]

Wikipedia: Still There + Some New Additions

Good, I seem to have got the level of the content right (oh, I  have more, but I don’t think they want everything on there!), as I’m still on there, and the main editor has gone in and made further changes, so that’s all good news! Welcome if you’re visiting via Wikipedia! Meantime, another article […]

Freedom is in Peril: Defend it With all Your Might

Not content with “Keep Calm and Carry On”, there’s now a site for “Freedom is in Peril: Defend it with All Your Might”, one of the series of three posters published alongside KCCO!  Shame there’s no history on there, maybe I’ll find some more to put up… but I do like the fact that they […]