#Emptyshelf17 #23 The Circle by Dave Eggers

The Circle by Dave Eggers My rating: 4 of 5 stars I watched the film first – I don’t know if that was a good move or not, as there’s some definite oddities in the film. The book’s much better, and is a real challenge as to who has the power over our knowledge (very […]

#EmptyShelf 2016 #27: Mind Games by @TeriTerryWrites (Orchard Books, 2015)

I spoke at a children’s book event the other year, and this book – Mind Games – was one of the pre-press books that I picked up .. I love teenage books – good moral message, typically fairly fast paced, and always lots to think about. With echoes of books such as Divergent, this book takes […]

#EmptyShelf 2016 #23: The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood (Bloomsbury, 2015)

Mentioning to a friend that I have always enjoyed dystopian/utopian (futurist) fiction (it always seemed to be a staple of my teenage reading, and more recently, books such as The Hunger Games, and TV series such as Black Mirror and Mr Robot), having just re-read the Divergent trilogy, he suggested I should try (and lent me) The Heart Goes […]

#TandT16 Tools and Trends 2016

Monday evening I enjoyed listening to Martin Bryant discussing tools and trends for 2016 and beyond: [View the story “#TandT16” on Storify]

E-Learning in 2020?

Things are changing rapidly, but I can’t see quite how we’d get to this state in less than 11 years! Interesting idea none the less, and quite amusing…