G.R. Morris

G R Morris was an artist who ‘produced brilliant, frequently surrealist, ideas, but often failed to finalise them’. Morris worked for the National Safety First Association, founded in 1923, which became ROSPA in 1941, from well before the Second World War, through until about 1956. Morris also designed posters for London Transport, and prepared some designs to illustrate statistics in January 1948. He was a member of the Society of Industrial Artists and designed book jackets for the Bodley Head and other publishers. In the years following the war Morris also produced a variety of work for Colman, Prentice and Varley, Crawfords, Bradbury Agnew, Longmans along with his work for the Bodley Head.

Information taken from: Darracott, J. and Loftus, B., Second World War Posters, 1981 (1972), p.46, London Transport Museum Database, February 2000