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Election 2010, 1am-2am

Just realised that I’m also on the 1am-2am highlights of this amazing live marathon by University of Winchester Journalism students – who usually create a 10 minute programme once a week, and ran for around 12-14 hours. Their TV channel could only take 100 viewers and was oversubscribed throughout the night. This was the 12-midnight to 1am highlights (no camera on my face as I wince at being called Becky!) – very awesome performance by our TV Presenter who remained calm on camera despite all kinds of things going wrong – she’ll go far!

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Election Night WINOL (12 midnight highlights)

I was on TV from midnight to 2am – really interesting to see a ‘live studio’ at work… a few highlights from here, including a couple of clips from me, discussing the ‘so called’ social media election – and fortunately the camera wasn’t on me when I WINCED at being called Becky… !

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"I Voted" on Facebook

I was interested to see this appear on Facebook this morning (only on the full web-accessible page, it wasn’t possible to access it from the iPhone app OR from the mobile site).  The most obvious Facebook demographic are the “younger” voters, but any means by which we can remind people/each other of their right/responsibility to vote is useful. The counter is moving up quite fast, and it would be interesting to know how much difference such announcements on Facebook, and what other impact social media has had.


We can keep up with what our prospective local LibDem MP has been up to today, as he engages with Foursquare:

and both Martin Tod and Steve Brine are on Twitter, interesting to see how much they are engaging (Winchester is essentially between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems!)


Having said I wasn’t going to stay up, I will now be coming into the University at midnight to talk about some of the uses and impacts of social media for WINOL, so looking forward to seeing some comments on this post as to how you have noticed any differences in engagement, voter swings, etc. in this first ‘social media’ election!


Watch live streaming video from winol2009 at
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Just how powerful is your vote?

With the government, and others, indicating that your vote has power, and that you MUST vote, another app indicates just how powerful (or otherwise) your vote actually is:

Even without all the debates about the fight for suffrage, voting in an election is a constitutional right, and if you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the policies that are enacted by politicians in your name.

Winchester, 1997

Those of us who were in Winchester in 1997 remember that we were one of the last counts to come in, as the vote had to be scrutinised and recounted as it came down to 2 votes (to the Liberal Democrats). The Conservatives contested, and a re-election for the constituency had to be held… if a few more people had voted, the decision could have been more decisive.

Read the BBC’s summary of Winchester as a constituency, and it’s typical voting profile.


@mpntod makes use of QR codes

Martin Tod is the prospective Liberal Democrat MP for Winchester (a seat already held by the LibDems). Martin is a member of #WinchesterWeb, which I attend most months, and he’s a keen social media user (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, blogging, video, newsletters… and now QR codes on posters – and @sermoa says apparently t-shirts are in  process). If you don’t know what a QR code is (as @mpntod‘s most recent tweet indicates some of his followers don’t: “@duncanborrowman Oh Duncan. You obviously don’t have a QR-code reader on your phone. #geekoneupmanshipfail #tenyearsoutofdate #qr“), then watch the video below, and check out apps for your SmartPhone – I use QuickMark.