[DIGITAL] The Experience of a 24-Hour @Facebook Ban

Facebook Logo

I was slightly baffled Monday night to be faced with: I was bemused at what might have triggered the block, and why Facebook goes straight for a ban, rather than a ‘first warning’. I did some sleuthing work on Twitter and decided that it was this that had triggered it: A couple of people had […]

[MEDIA] How can social media affect an election? #GE2019 for @ManMetUni

I’ve been talking about social media and elections again … who knew I’d have to do this so frequently? An extract: Social media is more embedded in people’s lives than ever before – most people don’t overthink their use of digital platforms. The four biggest platforms currently in use (albeit differently by different demographics) are Facebook, […]

[MEDIA] Talking about #FactCheckUK with @UCBNewsTeam for #GE2019

Earlier today I had a conversation with the news team for UCB radio, and manage to capture this snippet used this evening (the rest will follow later, as we talked more generally about social media/the election): I’m keeping tabs on some interesting links on Wakelet. Interestingly the parody account for Boris Johnson was right on […]