[LIFE] FOR FUN, I attended #TheNonesuch Conference, about Georgette Heyer.

I’ve enjoyed reading Georgette Heyer since I was a teenager (it appears I am typical to be introduced by my mum around about the age of 10). I enjoyed the last conference in 2009, and was talking to Samantha Rayner about possibility of another one this summer … then I got cancer! She decided to […]

#EmptyShelf 2016 #43/4/5: Novels by Georgette Heyer

If you’ve never read Georgette Heyer, can I just say that you may be missing out! Often confused with Mills & Boon, Heyer wrote these ‘regency romances’ 1920s onwards, the history in them is deeply researched, and the novels chuckle along without loads of random salaciousness that every M&B seems to feel the need to […]

Georgette Heyer is featured in @timeshighered

“Georgette Heyer’s 1929 romantic novel Beauvallet took these tropes further. It features the roistering freebooter Sir Nicholas Beauvallet, who “bit his thumb at Spain” and is as daring as Drake and as feared. He captures the ravishing Dominica de Rada y Sylva, daughter of the Governor of Santiago. There is, of course, lots of name-dropping […]

Georgette Heyer Conference

Just for a change, I decided I’d go to a conference of a weekend… however, this time the conference WAS different. It was outside my area of academic expertise, and related to a novelist who I have read and re-read since I was around 10 (I’d read most “kids books” by that time, although I […]

Georgette Heyer: The Historical Holiday Read

I have loved Georgette Heyer’s regency novels since my mum lent me ‘Frederica’ many years ago (I know most people think I’m only about 25, but I’m considerably older than that!)… that copy of Frederica has long since disintegrated, but no worries, I tracked down another one!!! In fact, with much diligent searching I have […]