#AdventBookClub: Day 14: Thankfulness for Now


Interesting activity from Ron Glusenkamp today:

Count how many clocks, watches and digital timepieces you have in your home today, and write down that number of reasons to give thanks to God for time.

I love seeing #3goodthings on Twitter – always cheers me up, and remember going on a course on emotional intelligence when he said – name 3 things you’re thankful for, and people were struggling to think of things to articulate. Powerfully, he said – every day we have more things to be thankful for than not – e.g. every breath we take, but we can struggle to focus on that! So I’m thinking – 2 in the kitchen, 1 in the spare room, 1 in the bedroom, 3 digital devices, and a watch…

Brian Draper continues to think about the idea of letting go, and remembering Maggi talking about our need to not think that we are indispensable:

Decide positively not to do something, today; then don’t do it.

Well, I did decide work could wait and that I would read instead – but I fell asleep instead, then down to the TV – there’s definitely a difference in ‘tension’ if you lie there thinking “I still need to do stuff”, and recognising that today it just ain’t gonna happen, and letting the day go = it’s hard, as I’ve been seeking to get on top of things, and ways to get slightly ahead for 2014, and not quite feeling there yet! The focus, however, has got me a long way – so guess I should be thankful for that!

Amazingly reading from Habbakuk (as Rich says!) – continuing the theme from ‘yesterday’ – Maggi gives us a sense of needing to let go (‘a death’) in order to allow space for new life, and a great message that fits with the other thoughts from today:

… not to wait for circumstances to improve before I start to celebrate life. Life is a gift from God, and we do not know how many days we have.

An encouragement not to waste our lives waiting, but to recognise that waiting is a part of life … a reminder that Greenbelt’s theme recently was to live in the NOW, as we wait for the not yet.


#AdventBookClub: Day 13: Gifts

For Friday 13th December, written Saturday 14th – short and sweet, I expect…

gift-box-1140205-mYesterday, as we were making Nancy’s post live on @bigbible with “an image of Christmas gifts as a sign of God’s generosity and the human capacity to reflect that in sharing with others.” Heading to Ron Glusenkamp’s thoughts for this day in Advent, we see a call to give a gift of ourselves “to give of the heart and from the heart”, making a difference to how we live our lives…

Brian Draper had a beautiful experience watching leaves gently drop from trees, and has this thought to share:

And trust that if we stop clinging for dear life to the former things, then we make room for what God is waiting to place in our open, out-stretched hands. A gift of true worth.

Returning back to Maggi Dawn’s thoughts we remember that when Elijah was burnt out, God gifted him food, drink and sleep .. and encouraged him to make the space to hear the still, small voice of God. Maybe he’s doing that to me too, as despite making it out to karate this afternoon, I fell asleep for most of the afternoon, and haven’t done any of the things I meant to do… more sleep required before deciding how to catch up…