Digital Media Trends 2.0

Following some of the feedback I received yesterday, I have re-edited some of this – it’s never going to be perfect, and I have marking to do, but I hope to develop this into something usable for the University of Winchester! Current trends in digital media focus upon crowd-sourcing, collaboration and bottom-up approaches to material. […]

Engaged Learning Using Web 2.0 Technologies… including Google Wave

Engaged Learning Using Web 2.0 Technologies View more documents from Nanette Stillwell. Having signed up for a Google Wave account, like many others, I’m not that clear on what to do with it. The blog ‘Don’t waste your time‘ has given some great ideas, and I think this presentation adds another layer of understanding (alongside […]

Social Media in the Classroom

“With the rise of Web 2.0 social media has exploded on the internet. It permeates almost every aspect of your internet experience. The biggest question here is how can we utilize social media to enhance our online and offline lives? I have always been interested in how social media can help teachers and students achieve […]

Google Wave Launches

Above is the current view of the Google Wave site, which is allowing 100,000 developers, corporates and interested individuals to request an invitation to test-drive the software on a large scale (it’s been in development for months!). I haven’t requested one, as I know I don’t have time to play with it at this stage, […]

Google Wave

On Tuesday evening I finally watched the whole of the Google Wave developer forum, explaining the concept that brothers Lars & Jens came up with, challenging the idea that most software and online tools are built to emulate tools of the 1960s, and don’t make full use of what is now possible: Why do we […]