[INFOGRAPHIC] Google Search Algorithms

Google doesn’t release it’s exact search algorithms (and they are constantly tweaked), but a number of web-types have collected together their wisdom – so some insights here – although it comes back to (as it always have), produce good content…

Ads Replace Tuition Fees?

Well, there’s an interesting idea, in an age of increasing tuition fees: Companies could pay to advertise their physical products (laptops, for example) and services to students during their course of study, helping to eliminate the need for fees, he explained. Firms hunting for new talent could also pay the university for detailed information on […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Who's using Google+?

We joke that no one is using Google+, but it has the second largest number of ‘active’ users out of the social networking sites (although it’s not entirely clear what ‘active’ means), and it affects your Google search rankings:

Social Media to Identify Dropouts?

Interesting study from the University of Leicester into social media use of students on a particular course (with Google +!): At the end of the term, the students had contributed thousands of posts. Some had happily used the site to share information about their course with their peers, in a similar way to how they […]