McLaine, I. Ministry of Morale: Home Front Morale and the Ministry of Information in World War Two London: George Allen & Unwin, 1979

A key work for this project which fully considers the administrative history of the Ministry of Information, the lead government department for propaganda. He argues that for two years, the measures taken by government propagandists were: Unnecessary and inept Based on misunderstanding and distrust of the British public Products of the class and background of […]

Leslie William Spears: An Enquiry into the use of propaganda on the Home Front during World War Two with special reference to the role and effectiveness of the poster as a means of conveying Government policy

Original typescript, 1998. Dissertation (M.A.) – University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art, Division of History of Art and Design, 1998. No abstract. I attended some sessions at Winchester School of Art, with Brandon Taylor, re: Art & Propaganda, and Leslie was inspired to write this MA. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never had […]

Higher Ambitions: The Future of Universities in a Knowledge Economy

e-learning 33 The continuing development of e-learning is a vital element in supporting improvement of teaching and the student experience and in enabling the personalisation and flexibility that students and employers expect. We will empower our universities to be world leaders in the growing market in transnational education based on e-learning. 34 Whilst the performance […]