[LIFE] Taking Time Out at #GB19

Well, wasn’t Greenbelt 2019 fabulous. I always have lots of things listed to go to: I managed to go to: Friday: A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad) Lucy Spraggan Saturday: Caught the end of Nadia Bolz Weber ‘A Shameless Conversation’ Conversation with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby Beer and Hymns Extra special was […]

[LIFE] Greenbelt #GB18

Last year’s Greenbelt was held in between the week of the identification of ‘suspicious cells’ and confirmation of breast cancer. It was also very sunny – so was quite a different one for me – I spent a lot of it sitting on the bank in the sunshine, talking to friends, and contemplating life. So […]

[SPEAKER] How to Raise Kids in a Digital Age #GB14

Excellent, Greenbelt have just moved their offices, and have uncovered speaker talks from Greenbelt 2014, when I spoke in GTV on Raising Children in a Digital Age (and yes, I still use many of these analogies in longer workshops). Just 8 minutes to listen to (and yes, there’s a band playing another venue nearby):

Greenbelt 2010: Booked

Yes, I was organised this year, I have purchased my ticket for Greenbelt before the 20% discount expires on 30th November! £77 for 3 nights of camping (4 if you really want, just remember the jumpers in case it’s as cold as 2009), and loads of speakers, art, events, and all sorts. I really enjoyed […]

How You Spend Your Days…

The theme of Greenbelt was “Standing in the Long Now“, which was expressed in a number of different ways, including in art. I met Mark Fletcher at the Christianity in the Digital Space conference, and was pleased to see this set of posters his visitors produced at Greenbelt, along the theme of Keep Calm and […]