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[MEDIA] Beyond Belief: Public Grief for @BBCRadio4

Last Wednesday I recorded for BBC Radio 4 Beyond Belief, along with Linda Woodhead, Sughra Ahmed, and David Walker, which was aired this afternoon.

We were looking at public responses to recent tragedies (Manchester Arena, London Bridge, Grenfall House and Finsbury Park), and whether these were forms of public grief, or whether it was something else. We were asked to think about:

  • How have expressions of  public grief changed?
  • How has this been illustrated in recent tragic  events?
  • What does this tell us about the changing religious and spiritual needs of people?
  • What does this tell us about the state of faith and interfaith in our society? 
  • What about the role of religious institutions and leaders?   

Listen to the programme on the BBC, or download the MP3.

See my rough preparation notes (and yes I found it more interesting than the amount of preparation that I needed to do!)