How do we keep our children safe online?

Well, the Guardian should have brought me to this round-table (or at least read my book!): “We’ve got a generation of parents who simply don’t know what it takes to raise a child in the digital age,” said Vicki Shotbolt, CEO and founder of the Parent Zone. “When you talk to them they say they have […]

Art and Technology: Can they work together?

Interesting piece from the Guardian: Technology and art have enjoyed a tempestuous relationship over the years. Fine art purists have demonstrated a wary scepticism towards the use and abuse of new technologies, and tech-heads have been staunchly resistant to art’s whimsical influence. But as the pressing issues of privacy and identity, addiction and dependency, and […]

Archives need to get digitally with it?

Interesting piece in the Guardian about the affordability of research: It is the age of the digital historian. Technology gives researchers the means of carrying out their work more effectively and quickly, and archivists need to respond positively to these changes. Without encouraging researchers to use and disseminate their material, archive buildings risk becoming populated only by […]

Is Higher Education broken?

Is Higher Education broken? Are MOOCs any kind of fix? One of the biggest snowballs in this supposed avalanche is the MOOC (massive open online courses) phenomenon which has captured the imagination of so many observers. It’s a rather simple and utopian ideal: education for all, free, delivered to your laptop, time-shifted to your schedule […]

Keep Calm and Carry On Dispute Continues

Just popped a little comment onto this Guardian article: The issue may be simply resolved in the end, with evidence that former TV producer Mark Coop got his original copy from Barter Books and appears to have no evidence of original discovery; but the Keep Calm Campaign says that he has United States and Canadian applications pending […]