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[MEDIA] Talking about #ScreenTime with @HitsMcrNews and @HeatRadio

Further to the conversation with Premier Radio this morning, I was contacted by Hits Radio, also asking for a response to the screentime story, now out on BBC News also (annoyingly later accompanied by a story about how to limit screentime). Around 11am the following segment (or part of) was used, and also used on Heat Radio:

We’ll see that the headlines are quite different, drawing on the same report:

I also provided further audio which was available to use for a later programme (I haven’t found where the online audio is yet!) – responding to

  • firstly, what’s your reaction to today’s report?
  • have we perhaps been a bit tough on the impact screen time can have? Should we relax a bit?
  • is there any evidence to suggest screens can have some impact?
  • what is the best advice for parents?
  • how much do we really know? Some who work in addiction find it difficult to believe the findings!  :

Here’s some further content from my book Raising Children in a Digital Age:

It was encouraging to get tweets like:

A bit frustrating, as this tweet puts it:

One of the things I found when I was writing my book, and talking to a friend (a parent, unlike me) and saying they should be writing it – and they said ‘no, because I’ll just write what I know/do, and you’ll undertake research and be able to give a more balanced view!’

This has some good suggestions: