Updated: Working & Hols Diary

So, a little update – just trying to clear my own head


  • Continue as Social Media Strategist for Super Fun Days Out.
  • Continue websites: Digital Fingerprint (and develop that into a business providing social media workshops), this blog, and ww2poster!
  • Continue 0.5 work on the project “The Big Read” for CODEC (based at Premier Radio in London, although occasional visits to Durham may be necessary!) til June 2010. See @bigbible, working within the Biblefresh initiative: usually Tue & Wed.
  • Complete marking for (history) resits
  • Review Editor “The Poster” Journal
  • Contributor, Journal of Technology, Religion and Theology
  • Write up my Reflective Portfolio as my third and final assignment for PGCLTHE.
  • Continue work on EMBED IT (around 125 hours, quite a few already done), a JISC funded project with the Universities of Loughborough, Middlesex and Strathclyde, with regards to embedding Wimba within the University of Winchester
  • Write up the Hertfordshire ‘Using Twitter for Communities of Practice’ as my second assignment for PGCLTHE.
  • Confirmed for a year, an extra 0.2 (so 0.4 total) for the Blended Learning Fellowship, including these workshops: usually Mon & Thur
  • Gymming 3-4 times a week…
  • Greenbelt with Housegroup


  • Finish project ‘SkillsNet’ (50 hours, 23+ already done), ensuring that all ‘Skills Related’ material is easily accessible to students online, rather than duplicated or confusing material across subjects.
  • Prepare material for ‘Manipulating Media’ 2 x working packs on social media for skills!
  • LICC Social Media Bootcamp
  • Jon & Jeanette’s wedding (first wedding in ages!)
  • 1980s Birthday Do
  • Go to my parents to sort out some more stuff (garage stores, kinda great…), and hopefully see my youngest bro & family too…
  • Semester 1 starts


  • ‘Manipulating Media’. Associate Lecturing for Media Studies, University of Winchester, carries across the year on a Friday.
  • Keynote Speaker with @maggidawn for “Theological Refraction of the Internet
  • FYP Supervision for a History Dissertation on the subject to British Humour and Stereotyping.



  • Steering Committee, CODEC
  • 18th December – 3rd January: Egypt!

February 2011

  • Teaching on the PGCLTHE (Blended Learning Module), Wednesday afternoons:16/02,09/03,27/04, 18/05
  • Teaching 12 hours for History on an ‘Independent Study Module’ (flexible tutorials?!)
  • Teaching 24 hours for ‘Intro to Media Studies’ on Monday afternoons


  • 5th: O2 iPhone contract expires…

May 2011

June 2011

July 2011