5 thoughts for Holy Monday #EasterLive

OK, so today on #EasterLive, and in church last night, the focus is on Jesus clearing the Temple.

Thought 1

Our readings last night were: Jeremiah 7; and¬†Matthew 21¬†, and the sermon was a great mix of theological reflection (the Jews expected this great King, then he reprimanded them), and practical application (do what we sing, and what we do throughout the week, match up?)…

which sent me on a little hunt for material online, including this great piece on ‘Holy Monday‘ (more commonly associated with Catholic celebrations).

Thought 2

What did the Temple look like… I wondered what images 12baskets would have (none under the heading ‘Holy Monday’… others have some to upload?), but ‘Temple’ brought back the following entry:

Obviously, most of it is now in ruins… but this is a place that I one day hope to see with Oak Hall (I have met so many people who have been with Oak Hall, and have heard nothing but enthusiasm for the trip)., so I thought I’d check out Flickr (Creative Commons again), and brought up a scale model of what it may have looked like at the time:

Thought 3

Flickr is very much about catching photos (whereas 12baskets encourages the uploading of paintings, etc. too), so I wasn’t hopeful when I put in ‘Jesus, Temple, Jerusalem’, but interestingly this image came up… Jesus may have been throwing the Jewish marketplace out of the Church, but should we (as Christians) be more active in the Market Place (whether by that we mean shopping centres… or plenty of people shop (and plenty of other activities) online (hence @bigbible):

Thought 4

What’s going on on the #EasterLive hashtag?

And @easyrew has started a really interesting (and thoughtful) debate re: whether #EasterLive works as an idea… I’m with Bryony… I love seeing people TRY things, then we sit back, talk about it, and see which bits we should take forward/which need tweaking or abandoning!

Thought 5

If you’re keen for another Passion story running in real time, check out @thepassionexp (text, Tweets, Facebook, etc…), which interestingly (actually) could be tagged #EasterLive also…:

Pray that you have a thoughtful Holy Monday, and if you’ve been doing #bigread2011, don’t forget today’s reading.