Sainsbury’s, Nostalgic Advertising

Please help my Final Year Project/Dissertation student with her research. Helen Nicholls is considering nostalgic advertising in 2009 (we’re still developing the exact question, but will have a clearer idea once we have seen the research that she’s done in the Sainsbury’s Archive) in relation to the recession/companies that are stressing their longevity, and has decided to ask for responses via YouTube (either as a response video, or as a comment). I love seeing students using something they enjoy doing in order to carry out their research requirements… so please help!

The Adverts

Recap of the questions:

  1. How did you find the adverts?
  2. Do you think they were effective for keeping customers loyal (during the recession and tough money times)?
  3. Is there anything critical of the adverts you could suggest? (Maybe? you can think of gender/ethnic issues to highlight?)



Hovis: 122 Years

Doesn’t this advert give just so much to talk about in classes… it was a great introduction to my module on “20th Century British History” – interesting to see what events they pick out as worthy of note:

  • Titanic
  • Suffragettes
  • First World War (how young are those soldiers?)
  • Motor Car
  • Second World War: The Blitz, Churchill “We shall fight on the beaches”, a Spitfire
  • Street Party (Victory Celebrations or the 1953 Coronation?)
  • 1960s, including the 1966 celebrations
  • 1980s Miners Strike
  • Millennium┬áCelebrations