Humanities Postgraduates? Preserve of the Rich?

I received a small bursary from the University of Winchester in order to undertake my history PhD … is such a possibility going to become the exclusive preserve of large institutions with huge reserves of money/gifting? I gained a huge amount from being a part of the department, rather than a cog in the wheel! […]

Humanities Research 'Surfdom'

As someone who was involved in early digital humanities research (building a database of wartime propaganda posters in order to be able to identify themes/patterns in the posters), this story is really interesting: We are now witnessing what Martin Wynne, Oxford University Computing Services liaison at the Oxford e-Research Centre, describes as “a move from […]

White Paper: rules may favour the humanities

The government’s new higher education policies could cut student places in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects and create extra places in cheaper arts and humanities disciplines, vice-chancellors have warned. A number of senior sector figures are concerned that the core-margin system, unveiled in the government’s higher education White Paper, will deduct places from […]

Words as weapons @timeshighered

But something more urgent presses upon the day. It seems to me to be the case that a new, drastic hiatus impends in our civilisation, matching two of the great historical splits of the past, those of the 17th and 19th centuries. The old order is breaking down, economically, environmentally, meaningfully. The official forces will […]

Democratic Freedom of the Humanities Threatened?

Funding cuts blamed for endangering democratic freedom of the humanities. Matthew Reisz reports Humanities academics are in danger of being reduced to “intellectual lap dancers” by the radical changes to higher education in England, a history professor has warned. Speaking at a conference in Cambridge, Richard Drayton, Rhodes professor of imperial history at King’s College […]