Urania’s Lesson for Clio (Humanities Funding Crisis)

Crisis in the humanities? What crisis? If there is one, it is not of the kind commonly supposed. The evidence proves that funding is collapsing, student recruitment wavering or plunging, and academic posts vanishing. But understandable concern over these problems masks deeper troubles, which are not the result of the economic travails that arts departments […]

Guiding light in death’s shadow

Greats back humanities’ role in democratic health and personal consolation. Matthew Reisz writes Scientists and philosophers rallied to the defence of the beleaguered humanities at a panel discussion organised by the British Philosophical Association last week. Speaking at the London School of Economics on Valuing the Humanities, Martha Nussbaum, Ernst Freund distinguished service professor of […]

“World Crisis in Humanities” @timeshighered

Martha Nussbaum fears our critical culture, inculcated by a liberal arts education, is under attack, with democracy itself coming under threat. Matthew Reisz thinks her case is overstated It is precisely because Martha Nussbaum is so obviously one of the stars of the American academy that many people will be inclined to sit up and […]

Money for Antique Rope

Oh dear, not great timing for an attack on the humanities – see why I study history. Most humanities ‘research’ is the self-indulgent pursuit of obscure hobbies that neither need nor merit funding, and produces only unsold, unread and unreadable books, argues Clive Bloom Don’t get me wrong – I can easily live with the […]

Humbox (Open Educational Resource)

A couple of days ago I went to a talk at the University of Winchester (where I work) about Humbox. Mick Jardine, one of our Arts lecturers is a partner in Humbox, and had invited the central project team to come and show us what it can do, before it goes live on 26th February […]