[BOOK REVIEW] Better Humans? Understanding the Enhancement Project, by Michael Hauskeller

13600_better_humans_by_michael_hauskellerSo, the other week I went to a talk at Greenbelt about Human Enhancement … and here’s a book review in Times Higher Education this week that’s highly relevant:

If you could enhance one aspect of your biology, what would it be? Would you use cosmetic surgery to make yourself more beautiful? How about cognitive enhancers to improve your memory or wit? What if you and your partner could take love pills to iron out any problems in your relationship? What if you just want to live a longer and healthier life? What would you be prepared to do?

These questions are discussed in Michael Hauskeller’s new book, a philosophical exploration of the arguments surrounding human enhancement. Hauskeller is sceptical about the value of such aspirations. We know this even before Better Humans? begins, as his acknowledgements thank, among others, Carl Elliott, Walter Glannon and Erik Parens – all well-known critics of human enhancement.

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