Martin Oliver #iblc10

Martin Oliver London Knowledge Lab Setting Expectations for the Talk: Talk about ideas, not about how to do something specific – think differently about what you’re doing anyway. Roland Barthes Mythologies. Things presented as ‘common sense’/’natural’ and taken for granted… when they should be problematised more. The importance of myth. Norm Friesman – Not about […]

Mark Nichols, live from Queensland #iblc10

  Mark Nichols, Laidlaw College Auckland   Blended Learning – a term still ill defined.   With OU – defining ‘interactive’ – covered everything from “next” to complex.   Essential Elements of Blended Learning: No absolutes…   Combines the best of online and face-to-face experiences Garrison & Vaughan – thoughtful fusion of f2f and online […]

Live Feed from Calgary #iblc10

Norm Vaughan Not about add-on technology, but fundamental rethinking of approaches to learning – we’re really just adding tools on top of courses that are deficient and ending up with 1.5 courses, rather than a good course… Late 1990s was where the idea of campus-based online learning came from. Marti Cleveland-Innes Stuggled a bit with […]

Knowledge Management #iblc10

University of Plymouth Knew there was much useful knowledge across the instution but wasn’t really being shared – always being wariness about this, but now starting to realise are sharing & building upon expertise… Decided to see if it could be done through an online system. Difficult to do if no not one central hub […]

Assessment for Learning #iblc10

 Assessment for Learning Mark Russell, Dominic Byrne Issues in the sector with assessment… Assessment is one of the drivers of learning, all learning leads to assessment.. End-loaded assessment, lack of student engagement in the course itself & rising student numbers. Summative assessment model has pushed out the formative assessment largely… chances of low-stake assessment/feedback & […]