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[MEDIA] iGen: How young people are using social media today with @TWRuk and @MeganLackie

A few weeks ago, I had a chat with Megan Lackie about young people and social media, with content placed after a panel discussion with a couple of ‘younger Christians’ (Dave, Joanna and Arun):

  • Social media is a ‘neutral’ tool can be used well/used badly.
  • That ‘addiction’ word was used again – see previous interview with TWR¬†on there!
  • The notion of ‘quality’ time in face-to-face over online and ‘reality’.
  • The use of social media for use with events.
  • Is it ‘too easy’ to box yourself into the social media space?
  • Gender issues, including body images, where young people find their identity.
  • The notion of ‘disinhibition‘ (which note can be used for bad/bullying and good/ questioning).
  • I’m in the final 10 minutes of the programme.

Find other programmes in the series on demand, and listen to this particular programme here: