Photoshopping: Be careful what you wish for.

I love this video, which shows people who have had a makeover ‘like the models in the magazines’ – and feel that all their uniqueness has been taken away:


Catching up on #GB12: “The Pressure of Perfection” with @findmystyle

How much does society pressurise us to focus on our weight/body image?

In the interests of ‘open-ness’ – Hannah Jean is my cousin – we lost touch for years, but got connected through Facebook. She has done much to my wardrobe and self-esteem!


‘Image is Powerful: Image is Superficial’ TEDx

A wonderful talk from a beautiful woman, who indicates that she ‘simply won the genetic lottery’:

Will be back with the embed code which seems to have disappeared, but meantime follow the link.


Crazy Legs


Kitchener: Your Country Needs You

Your Country Needs You (Kitchener)

Before ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ became famous, whenever I mentioned to people that I was studying World War Two posters for my PhD, the most frequent responses was “ah-ha, your country needs you!”, to which I would reply, well, yes, “right idea, wrong war”! The image, however, IS iconic, mentioned as Number 1 of the ‘100 Best Posters of the Century” in the 1990s, and did influence a number of Second World War campaigns, especially of the “Do you really need to x?” variety.

Country of Origin United Kingdom
Date 1914-1916
Artist Alfred Leete
Printer Victoria House Printing Co. Ltd., London
Size 29 1/2″ x 20″
Sources Unknown
Other Information. One of several variations of this poster. Please contact the IWM with queries about the copyright/reproduction of this poster.

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